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To bet on sports, determine your gaming pot. You should understand how much you are willing to risk to make a bet with bookmakers.

Set for yourself the maximum drawdown of the pot, so as not to exceed this limit and not lose more than you can afford.

Choose the bet size based on the size of the pot. Allocate no more than 5% of the bankroll for one bet. By betting on a larger amount, you increase the risks of total loss of money.

Remember that only the money that is not critical to lose can be allocated for betting. It should be free finance.

For those who want to earn for a long time, this is the amount that you can allocate for investments. For lovers of emotions, this is money comparable to spending on your other entertainment.

You can place bets without money. There are virtual accounts for this. You use them to check your profitability at a distance and only then decide whether it is worth playing for real money.

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