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Absolutely every sports betting strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. This is justified by the fact that there are simply no ideal schemes for permanent victories, otherwise the activities of bookmakers would not make sense for their creators. Strategies differ among themselves in which sports it is used, as well as in the way it is used. Many betting enthusiasts and professional privateers note a strategy called “Flat”.

The principle of the “Flat” betting strategy

The main point of the Flat strategy is to choose the right amount for the bet and find an event with a coefficient of at least 1.5. As a rule, many betters prefer amounts not exceeding 2-3 percent of the total pot. The advantage is that bets are placed on fairly probable events and in small amounts.

Advantages and disadvantages


+ High degree of security – the size of your bank is determined in advance by you. By choosing the most appropriate percentage, you can fully control all changes in the account and stop at the right moment. The strategy completely eliminates all unforeseen expenses, which means it reduces the risk of losing everything.

+ It is possible to use the forecasts of privateers and specialists – many novice betters do not fully understand what and how to bet. In such situations, you need to use the advice of more experienced specialists. Many of them post their forecasts, which allow them to be in the black.


– The difficulty of wagering after a series of failures – like other flat strategies, it may not work sometimes. A series of unsuccessful bets leads to the loss of a serious amount of personal funds. It will be quite difficult to win them back, because according to the strategy, you can bet only a small percentage of the pot. Sometimes after losing 3-5 times in a row, the wagering of funds takes the remaining calendar month. This moment is the main drawback of the Flat strategy.

– The desire to quickly restore funds leads to a mistake – a person tends to experience various feelings and temptations. If you play a bet that you were sure of, then almost everyone has thoughts that it is necessary to start winning back their funds as soon as possible. This leads to disastrous consequences. Controlling your emotions is the most important quality for a successful betterer.

– Experience and understanding in betting – this is required in order to independently place bets on sports events. If there is a desire to leave your own forecasts, then you need to have experience and understanding that bets will be made according to your thoughts.

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