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The European handicap contains only integers. This is a kind of handicap in which, unlike the Asian one, there may be a draw. We return to the match between Barcelona and Juventus.

In the BC 1xStavka line, we see a very clear and understandable arrangement of bets and coefficients. Consider the -1 handicap on the hosts (line 3). As you can see, the bookmaker writes that the match with a bet of -1 on the first one will start with a score of 0:1 and to win we need Barcelona to win by two goals.

If we take a draw, then Barca’s one-goal victory is strictly necessary here.

If we take +1 for the guests, then the match will also start with a score of 0:1 in favor of Juventus, but we will cheer and worry for the Italians, who in this situation are quite satisfied with a draw. If you try to translate this handicap into a typical Asian handicap, then it will look like this:

-1 to Barcelona – F1 (-1.5)

X – Winning first with a one-ball advantage

+1 at Juventus – X2

With an increase in the handicap in one direction or the other, the Asian handicap will change proportionally.

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