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In August 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine developed a mechanism that will allow gambling operators to work legally in the country. The types of gambling activity and the requirements for issuing a license were determined. Recently, the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as KRAIL) published draft decisions on which the regulator can fine gambling operators and advertisers. KRAIL will be able to restrict access to illegal casinos from the territory of Ukraine.

The document says that the grounds for a fine may be:

An act that was drawn up based on the results of a check for compliance with the law by gambling organizers; the results of supervision by other bodies over advertisers; materials of bodies that monitor violations of the gambling law by gambling operators and advertisers. The commission’s decision to impose a fine should contain specific reasons for imposing sanctions. Such documents will have to contain the following information: Time of change: it became the most visited domain, surpassing Google Information about the operator or advertiser — information about a legal entity or individual; Details of documents due to which a fine is imposed; Description of the violation; Income classification code. Online casinos that provide their services to residents of Ukraine without a KRAIL license will also be blocked.

The Commission will find such resources with the help of: appeals from legal entities and individuals; the media; through Internet monitoring; using data that they receive through a form on the commission’s website or a hotline; other sources not prohibited by law. If the fact of illegal activity is revealed, the regulator’s employee must do the following: Check the organizer in the register of license holders; Issue a requirement to restrict access to the website based on the decision of the KRAIL; Within three days to send the decision of the commission to the e-mail of the owner of the resource, the regulator must notify the owner of the resource within three days from the moment of making the decision to delete / restrict access to illegal information. If the operator /advertiser is silent, the regulator publishes this information on its website and prepares a decision to the hoster, whose services the illegal site uses, on the requirement to restrict access to the site or part of it.ы

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