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If you bet on one event, then such a bet is called an ordinary. In this case, you need to make a forecast for just one event. However, there are also so-called multi-bets. One of the types of such bets is an express bet. Express allows you to collect bets on several events (from 2 to 20) and thereby get a significant coefficient in case of a pass. It is worth remembering that all events must play out in the express. If at least one event loses, then the whole express loses. Let’s try to assemble an express in BC Fonbet.

We add the necessary bets to the coupon: Ak Bars (-1) for 1.60 and the victory of Dynamo Riga in the match for 1.80. Select the type of bet “express”. As you can see, the coefficient for this express is 2.88 or 1.60* 1.80. Let’s try to take another match.

After another event was added to the coupon, the coefficient became equal to 4.95 = 1,80*1,60*1,72 .

Recall that if you bet by express, then ALL events must be won. If we have a refund for any component, (For example, Ak Bars won by one goal or scored 5 goals in Ufa) then the coefficient of the event in the return express will be equal to one. If we take all three of these events in the express, Ak Bars and Dynamo will easily win, and Salavat and Sochi will score five goals, then the coefficient by which the bet will be calculated will be 2.88. Beginners often assemble huge steam locomotives with cosmic coefficients, but time after time they remain with the nose. Professional players do not recommend collecting express trains consisting of more than two events.

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