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Advantages of Catching Up:

+ Excitement is reduced to a minimum value – even a person with increased excitement will not be able to make mistakes if he clearly follows the basic concept of the strategy. Even after losing the bet, the betterer will not continue, because the next bet can be made in the next round.

+ Even with poor passability, you remain in the black – this is the main advantage, since 1-2 bets can win back the previous 3-5 misses in a row.

Disadvantages of the strategy:

– Uncertainty – no one can say exactly how many operations will follow to make the bet play. It is important that you cannot interrupt the catch-up, because the betterer will doom himself to a large loss in the end.

– It is required to have an impressive size of the bank – this is a mandatory moment, since you should have the means to commit new dogons. Unfortunately, not every betterer can calculate his expenses and if there is not enough money, then all previous operations were done in vain.

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