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The material was prepared by the Mostbet Partners partner program based on surveys, analysis of social networks and Inna Babich’s report. Every specialist should have an idea of what his target audience looks like. Working with the gambling vertical, it is difficult to immediately create a large flow of active users, but every arbitrageur is obliged to strive for this. A portrait of an ideal player is not a panacea for targeting or creating creatives, it is information that will help you better understand your target audience and use its features to create and test bundles. What does an ideal casino player look like, a man 24-35 years old, a representative of a technical profession, married or in a permanent relationship.

The income level is average and below average.

Cherishes family values and timidly dreams of hitting the jackpot. In his spare time, he takes care of his family or plays computer games, is not an athlete, but follows football, hockey, boxing. In an article about GEO-Azerbaijan, we shared the best practices of Mostbet Partners, where we pointed out that with the targeting settings of m35+ and m25+, our partners collect very high-quality traffic. Although in the second case it is a little more difficult to do. What is the reason for this? Good earnings, permanent relationships, stability — not every 25-year-old guy can be characterized in this way. Therefore, people with obligations, a formed life position and, possibly, a burden of responsibility fall into the category of ideal gambling players. A married gambler with an average income (or lower) with a timid dream of hitting the jackpot is really an ideal option, which is emphasized by the lack of real sports in life and an attraction to computer games. This means that he is diligent, physically inactive, stable, while there is a constant desire to try his luck and confidence that “he will be lucky soon”. We are not talking about programmers here, although this category can be partially included in the “fans of spinning slots”. There are not so many people of this profession who bite on gambling, because there is no strict need for money. Therefore, the ideal options are builders, locksmiths, installers, workers, welders, engineers, drivers. Gambling is not a socially approved form of leisure, so it is important for a player to justify his hobby, first of all, to himself. In our case, the justification is that the game is just an opportunity to relax and experience vivid emotions after a stressful working day, as well as an exciting way to develop new useful skills: think faster and choose strategies, better “feel the situation” and navigate it, etc. Here also works the “lucky effect”, i.e.E. lucky in life — 100% lucky in the casino. At the same time, losing is not the reason for stopping the game, but rather the opposite. The characteristic features of the Study showed that the ideal casino player does not have clear preferences in movies and music, but at the same time does not neglect paid content in online cinemas and music services. He feels loyalty to the current legislation and the government, which is more like lack of interest, apathy, as well as fatigue from politics, sanctions and the ruling regime. He is not very critical of information: he chooses news sources not on the principle of objectivity, but where you can find out about everything at once, so he does not particularly distinguish fakes from facts. General characteristics of gambling players by experience and involvement Novice player Average age 30 years. Educated, balanced, self-sufficient. There is a permanent girlfriend, wife or family. A sports fan, but he does not do sports himself. Constantly monitors transfers, player placement, statistics. Musical preferences: rock, electronic music, house. Interests in social networks: full-length movies, videos with scientific facts and jokes. Active player Average age 28 years. Often not married, but in a relationship. He is very active in social networks: a lot of friends, subscribers / subscriptions, audio and video recordings, photos and jokes. Interests are very broad, so he listens to rap and rock, reads men’s public, science pop, news, plays poker. VIP player Average age 34-35 years. Interests: science, self-development, history, psychology, philosophy, sports. Musical preferences: rap, hip-hop. In general, this group gives the impression of educated, intelligent people with diverse interests. Very often on their pages on social networks you can notice posts about a beautiful life: expensive resorts, sea-palm trees-girls, etc. Own photos and videos are often professional images and high—quality mounted videos. Meetings with friends are not a barbecue with beer in nature, but restaurants, in expensive suits and on cool cars. I.e. these are people who live beautifully and willingly talk about it. Conclusion As during the construction of houses, an analysis of the terrain and soil is carried out, and in arbitration, an analysis of the target audience and drawing up its portrait is carried out. It is extremely difficult to conduct research on your own, collecting information piece by piece and trying to glue them together. The data presented above is the result of research and painstaking work of specialists in the field of Internet marketing, so you can safely use it in your work, BUT adjusted for your own practical experience or the experience of the team you work with.

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