Are casinos resuming accepting payments via Yumopeu and Qiwi?

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Today, information has appeared on the web that some casinos have started accepting payments through Yumopeu (formerly Yandex.Money) and Qiwi. Recall that on December 10, 2020, the Central Bank banned Qiwi from transferring money to foreign companies, and a similar ban affected Humopeu on January 12, 2021. Since most Russian players transferred money to casinos and illegal BC using these services, by mid-January, the latter began to remove them from the cabinet. In such conditions, casinos began to switch to accepting payments using cryptocurrency. There is no need to explain that this method of replenishment is inconvenient for most players. It seemed there was no way out and gambling in Russia was predicted to end. However, this morning some users found out that in several casinos, the usual way in the form of a Humorist appeared in the account replenishment section.

It is also reported that the rest of the casinos will start accepting Humopeu until February 10.

Replenishment with Qiwi will resume in the near future. New Google update: opinions of webmasters, how it affected the issuance of sites, some regular players received an email from the casino, in which they informed about the return of the possibility of replenishment using Qiwi and Yumopeu: In order to stimulate players to deposit money, some casinos even offer bonuses for replenishment through these methods: We decided to find out if what users report on the forums is true. One of the casinos refuted this information by offering us to top up our account with cryptocurrency. In the second case, with one of the most popular casinos among Russians, luck was on our side. When you first got into your personal account, there was neither Qiwi nor Yumopeu in the list of replenishment methods.

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