Is it true that illegal casinos and bookmakers have stopped their work?

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The Bell has published its research on the Russian market of illegal casinos and bookmakers, in which it states that they have stopped working since mid-January 2021. Why did the publication come to such a radical conclusion? The Bell explains that the recent decision of the Central Bank to stop payments to foreign legal entities has hit offshore casinos and BC. For this reason, it is claimed that many of them stopped accepting cards and electronic money and switched to bitcoin. The journalist of the publication tried to place bets in JoyCasino, Admiral777, Admiral888 and Gaminator. These casinos were operating normally and even issued a form to fill out the card data. However, he was unable to pay with a card, as the system reported that this method of accepting payments in Russia was unavailable. Instead, he was asked to make a payment using a bitcoin transfer. Despite the fact that casinos continue to accept payments, albeit with some restrictions,

The Bell, contradicting its words, claims that illegal gambling and betting has ceased to exist.

Later it turns out why the publication chose such a clickbait title — the correspondent could not find several casinos in the search, such as “Volcano Royal”, “Volcano Stars”, “Volcano Prestige” and 1xBet. The correspondent writes that he could not find their “functioning mirrors even through a VPN.”

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