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Streaming is a separate activity that can bring channel owners hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. But the income depends largely on the content that is offered to viewers.

Casino streams are not particularly relevant today. Even the most popular of them collect a couple of tens of thousands of views. While the most unsuccessful broadcasts of top gaming bloggers have hundreds of thousands of views.

Nevertheless, streamers of online slots earn several thousand dollars a month. All thanks to a unique way of earning money that is not available to owners of channels with other content.

What casino and slot streamers are paid for Streaming online slots is quite a difficult task, because it is necessary to hook the audience with something and make them watch monotonous repetitive actions for hours. That is why few people can earn a lot of money on casino broadcasts. But those streamers who were able to overcome the entry threshold and promote their channel get a lot of money, thanks to several methods of earning. To promote the channel, you need to increase the number of views, subscribers, interactions with your video, CTR. To increase views, you can use cheat services, such as Partnerkin Likes. Thanks to the views, Youtube algorithms will increase coverage, show videos and broadcast recordings in recommendations, and new organic users will learn about the streamer. 1. Casino Affiliate program The most effective way to earn money for streamers of online gaming platforms is an affiliate program. It is she who gives the lion’s share of income from all activities. The affiliate program is an agreement between the casino and the streamer, according to which a certain amount is deducted to the second. The money is paid for the clients brought in. There may be several payment options: Revshare.

The streamer receives 25-60% of the money spent by the brought player.

This payment model is extremely popular. A player can spend from $10 to hundreds of thousands on slots, and, accordingly, the percentage of such bets will be rather big. With an audience of 20,000 viewers, even if 1,000 will play, you can provide yourself with an income of several thousand dollars only on the Revshare. CPA payment model. A one-time payment that is paid to the streamer for the registration of the brought player. The payment amount can be $250-450. Unlike the Revshare payment model, CPA allows you to earn a one-time large amount of money. But such an affiliate program will be beneficial only for top channels with a huge target audience. It is better for developing channels to pay attention to the percentage payment from the winnings. Mixed. A universal payment method by which the streamer will be able to receive funds both for new players brought in and for their actions on the site. Often, due to this versatility, the amount paid is significantly lower than in individual payment models. The terms of cooperation depend on the affiliate program that the streamer chooses. For example, let’s look at the 3 most popular platforms:

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