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Pop songs are a common type of advertising today, which is unlikely to lose its popularity in the near future. An easy-to-use format that is suitable even for beginners, large volumes of traffic and low rates attract arbitrageurs.

But like any other format, pop songs have their own characteristics that should be taken into account in order to launch successful campaigns.

In this article we will give cool insider tips from the best industry experts (Servando Silva, iAmAttila and others) on the topic of popander and clickander campaigns and share the most working approaches to landing pages.

P.S. Our tips are also suitable for those who want to launch push campaigns using custom conversion landing pages.

How to improve the performance of landing pages for pop traffic?

Pay attention to the page loading speed and its location. Waiting significantly reduces the likelihood of a potential conversion. To improve the pop-up speed indicators, it is better to use a globally distributed network of CDN servers, as well as place landing pages close to the GEO that you are targeting the campaign to. You can also use the SSL protocol.

Choose servers for landing pages that can handle large traffic flows. We recommend choosing cloud services like Digital Ocean or Vultr. They will not “blunt” from large volumes of traffic and you will not lose valuable conversions.

Use prelanding in pop campaigns. Prelanding helps to save money or at least not to spend too much, as well as to get more data about the campaign, which will be useful in future optimization. Using prelenders, you can optimize scripts, monetization approaches and other aspects that affect conversions and ROI for yourself.

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