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Gambling stands out especially among all the verticals of affiliate marketing. Why? This vertical does not lose its popularity even in the most difficult times for all businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has reduced the performance of many verticals, but against this background, online casinos and esports seem to have only improved their position.

In our new material you will find insights for gambling campaigns from experts of thematic CPA networks and the RichAds platform.

Insight 1. When choosing an offer, pay attention to the sales funnel and the bonuses offered

Imagine yourself in the place of a potential player of the casino that you have chosen as an offer. Evaluate the convenience of the registration and deposit form, as well as check the functionality of the integrated payment system. Remember: the smaller the entrance deposit to the casino, the more conversions you can get.

Very often, users evaluate the casino in which they are going to play by the presence or absence of bonuses. Usually preference is given to projects that offer generous welcome bonuses, as well as special “buns” for regular players.

Insight 2. The rating of the offer is not the main thing.

When choosing an offer, you should not pay attention only to the rating of the offer in the affiliate program. Often, the EPC (Earnings-Per-Click) value has much more weight when working with push buttons.

Choose offers that you can pour push traffic on, even if these offers have a low rating. If you received only registrations as the first results, contact the affiliate manager. Usually, you can work with this data by optimizing the campaign later.

Insight 3. Checking the KPI of the offer helps to avoid mistakes at the start

Carefully check the KPI of the offer at the start, so as not to get unexpected hitches when the company is already launched, and the advertising is being unscrewed. Some offers have strict restrictions that can significantly reduce your audience. For example, a ban on female players or strict age restrictions (such as 26+).

Insight 4. Use country features to increase CTR

Do everything so that the user feels your customer orientation. Thoroughly study the audience of the offer, as well as the features of the selected GEO:

Use the user’s native language in creatives and landing pages, especially for those countries where most of the population does not speak English. Also pay attention to targeting by browser language and geolocation macros.

There are other country-specific features, for example, Tier 1 is characterized by strict legal regulation of advertising and a demanding audience.

Little-known brands don’t work well in Tier 2, and localization of creatives is especially important.

In Tier 3, it is necessary to take into account the low solvency of the audience and the development of technology.

Insight 5. Find out from the owner of the offer a portrait of the target audience

Competent drawing up of a portrait of the target audience helps to launch a campaign and scale it in the future.

First of all, pay attention to the gender of the users. Not only men, but also women are addicted to gambling, so they should not be excluded.

In order to understand your audience in as much detail as possible, it is necessary to test creatives, the results of which will make it quite easy to calculate the “pains” audiences. Ideally, it is better to launch campaigns with 5-10 creatives and later filter out non-converting options.

Insight 6. Use working approaches to creative titles (examples below)

What approaches to the titles of gambling creatives should be used to attract users?

Titles in the form of a personal message.

Titles in the form of news.

Titles with promises.

Titles that emphasize urgency (begin with the words “have time”, “today”.

Titles with success stories.

If the ideas for titles are over, and the current options do not convert, ask for advice from the manager of the advertising platform you are working with.

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