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When choosing an affiliate program, you need to take into account not only the payout model and the size of the bet, but also carefully study additional conditions. For example, high rates on RevShare are paid only if the partner actively attracts new players who make deposits. The percentage of RevShare may depend on the number of registrations of new players, all deposits or the first deposits of players attracted by the partner. But according to CPA earnings are much less, experienced webmasters advise pouring on RevShare (proof). What you need to consider when choosing a payment model In the case of RevShare, you need to find out how the affiliate program calculates it.

There are two possible options:

The amount of money withdrawn is deducted from the amount of deposits made and the result is multiplied by the partner’s bet; the percentage of NG (Netgaming) is the deposit amount minus the player’s current balance. This is a high-risk model. As soon as the player wins, the partner’s balance decreases. And if the player’s account remains abandoned, he will not withdraw his money and will not replenish, then the partner’s minus will remain forever. Only the casino that does not pay neither the player nor the partner will benefit from such a model. There are also complex commission calculation schemes. For example, in the Poshfriends affiliate program, netgaming, affiliate commission, license fees for online casino software are taken into account when calculating partner remuneration: We recommend a detailed article on commission calculation schemes “Why the casino affiliate underpaid”. A review of gambling earnings, Webmaster Alexander (nickname Strij, his interview) merges affiliate programs from his sites to the casino and earns $650 a day on average. He emphasizes the peculiarity of the gambling niche ― the longer you pour, the more chances you have to attract regulars and high rollers and the higher the profit. According to Alexander, gambling has a great future, as there is a lot of money spinning here. The owners of online casinos will not give up their profits and will find ways to circumvent any prohibitions and restrictions.

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