Interview with a “Black” Arbitrageur: $20,000 a month on casino traffic and advertising divorces for 200,000 rubles

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We publish the most interesting interview with a “Black” Arbitrageur who earns tens of thousands of dollars a month on the arbitration of traffic from Telegram and Instagram in an online casino. Roman shared the schemes of “deceive the Volcano”, told how they “throw” when buying ads on Instagram and Telegram, about “gray car dealerships”, about traffic arbitration in bookmakers and plans for 10 years ahead.

Why RevShare schemes are unprofitable and a little bit about casino affiliate programs I deal with casinos and traffic using the method of betting schemes. If someone does not know, I will explain. Gambling is a technique when I sell supposedly profitable winning schemes in a casino for 200 rubles. That is, you put 50 rubles here and 30 rubles here, and 100 rubles there. As a result, you will win 50,000 rubles. A person spends 200 rubles and becomes a player, and the affiliate pays me. In this scheme, it is more interesting to work according to CPA, since the payments are very solid: from 2,800 to 3,000 rubles per lead. I can keep a person as long as possible and even manage to sell private schemes for a separate cost. You can’t earn that much on RevShare. After all, the traffic is not selective. Although I have friends who spent about 5,000 rubles per person for a long time. Acting according to the CPA scheme, I never work with the casino directly.

Only through affiliate programs.

They get a percentage of payments to me, and therefore dilute my traffic to pass it off as more worthwhile. To put it bluntly, I and the partners are fooling the casino together. The yield is crazy, 300% pure. How much can you earn on this scheme? Since February 2018, I have earned about 19 million rubles. Roughly speaking, 300 thousand dollars in a year and a half. About subscribers and their cost My main channels for attracting traffic: Telegram and Instagram. The latter is more difficult to work with. Traffic is worse than in Telegram and it is very difficult to work with a person for a long time. How do I get a subscriber to the casino from Instagram? I create an account of a successful person and manage it. I do advertising according to the scheme: if you want to earn money, write to him and find out. The situation in Telegram is slightly different. Views are important here. My channel has 12,000 of the most motivated subscribers. The audience is targeted and extremely expensive. The cost of a subscriber can reach up to 200 rubles.

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