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I wandered the web in search of inspiration and found a small case on one of the thematic forums. Now I’m sharing it with you. Let’s start While many complain that it is now difficult to find a profitable campaign, and it is becoming more difficult to work with the native, we decided to prove the opposite. To do this, we took the offer and traffic resources available to everyone and squeezed everything we could out of them. The idea was simple, it was necessary to find an available offer using AdPlexity. We have installed a filter that would show advertisements for the last 60 days.

It is important that these ads are shown for at least 14 consecutive days.

There were a lot of results, so first of all it was necessary to filter them and get information from the managers of the partner companies. After some time, an offer was found to install a casino application in MundoMedia. The reasons why we chose this offer: Relatively low payout (5-10 $), which means less money for tests. The offer appeared in the results too often. The manager of the affiliate confirmed that the offer shows itself well with other people. We quickly pumped out several creatives and landing pages from AdPlexity to probe the area.

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