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Every self-respecting player, whose main game is French roulette, will never give away their secrets or systems. But sometimes such information leaks “to the masses”. Below we will consider several basic roulette systems that can significantly facilitate your gaming life and increase profitability.

The first system: Martingale

The essence of this system is that the player needs to place bets alternately, according to certain rules.He must bet on “red”, then on “black”, based on the color that fell on the roulette wheel. Let’s say that we bet ten dollars on “red”, if the bet is played, then we transfer it to “black”. If the bet is not played, then we double its size.

System two: “mirror” numbers

This system is suitable for those players who like and know how to calculate a variety of options.Note that there are a number of numbers on the roulette table, to which there are “mirrors”. These are the numbers 6 and 9, 12 and 21, 13 and 31, 23 and 32, as well as a pair of two “inverted” numbers: 16 and 19, 26 and 29. These numbers are easy enough to remember and no less easy to use in practice to increase your own capital. The rule of the game using “mirror” numbers looks like this: from the moment when a number with a “mirror” falls out, the player begins to bet on his “mirror” pair starting from the tenth bet and up to the twentieth. The number usually falls out.

System three: “system” numbers

The player needs to find the “system” number. Let’s say that the number 14 fell out, and within an hour the number 24 fell out. According to probability theory, the numbers 4, 14, 24 or 34 should fall out in the next hour. It is necessary to put. The main thing is to catch a pattern.

System four: on the odds

According to this system, it is extremely important for the player to notice the system jumps of “dozens”, “colors” or “columns”. Suppose that the last “dozen” fell out – in this case, the player needs to bet on the previous two. The same is the case with “columns”.

System five: against statistics

According to this system, a player should never bet even the minimum amount on numbers from the TOP 5 statistics. There should be a “lower” ten numbers in his sight.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the above systems work very well on American roulette. It’s worth a try!

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